Sanguine WebOrder is multi-purpose online tool to increase productivity, saving time & costs for retailers & distributors. It has complete security, configurable access levels(both role based and user based) and flexible hosting/pricing options. With reducing margins and increased costs, WebOrder tool can make all the difference in increasing your sales, thus directly impacting your bottom-line.


Key Benefits

Keep Customers informed

Delivering channel inventory data

Company representatives of the product suppliers can view their product and demographic data remotely.

Real time business update

Remote viewing reports

The owner or the management team can view the various reports remotely.

Keep Customers informed

Online sale order entry

Retailers and Field representatives can place order directly through the web based tool.

Real time business update

Importing the purchase invoice of the suppliers

The retailer can directly import the purchase invoice of his suppliers, thus eliminating considerable time required for the data entry.


Business Benefits

Increase productivity: Manage more businesses with increased orders from different end points -customer, sales men etc

Lower reverse logistics cost: Increased order accuracy lower sales return and the cost associated with processing returns and credit notes

Measure and improve service levels: Capture all orders from customer accurately to plan your purchases and inventory investment. Measure order lost accurately

Reduce Fraud: As customer places order directly, order placed for one customer and delivery to another customer problem is eliminated

Eliminate collection leakage: Due to real-time information on payment made by retailer, risk with collection leakage or delay is eliminated

Improved service levels & customer satisfaction: Orders can be taken 24*7. Immediate information on availability increases customer satisfaction

Maintain healthy relationship: Complete transparency and accuracy in maintaining account and transaction history


WebOrder Overview